Re: How to package your CDs

Subject: Re: How to package your CDs
From: Barry Rueger (rueger@COMMUNITY-MEDIA.COM)
Date: Wed Jul 28 2004 - 11:14:05 EDT

This is also a recurring discussion on other lists.

Speaking from the perspective of someone who has to play CDs on the
radio from time to time, I'll add a couple of what should be obvious

- clear obvious track listings, with times, are essential. Come
SOCAN reporting time it also helps a lot if the composer name is
listed with the song title.

- The CD face really, really needs to have something on it that will
allow it to be matched with the jewel case or other CD packaging.
As we speak there are six CDs sitting by our stereo that simply
cannot be identified. I know that they probably will match some of
the ten empty jewel cases that sit nearby, but I haven't had the time
or inclination to play each one and guess what they are.

With Americana or pop CDs you can usually identify the artist by
listening. With EA or other "serious" music it can be very, very
difficult to identify the artist or composer just by playing the CD.

If your designer simply refuses to put your name, or the album name,
on the CD face, insist that she or he at least use some graphic
element that also appears prominently on the Jewel case art.

In general terms, don't be afraid to make your name prominent, and
the names of your works obvious. As much as I love good album art,
when I want to play something I choose by the artist/ composer name,
or the song title.

If you're not sure whether your CD artwork is acceptable, give a
sample to someone over fifty, and place them in a dim room - like the
typical radio control room. If they can't read it without holding it
two inches from their nose, you might want to rethink things.


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