Re: FScape Beta - New OS X Audio Tool

Subject: Re: FScape Beta - New OS X Audio Tool
From: Scott Wilson (
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 07:22:56 EDT

On 26 Jul 2004, at 20:21, Ned Bouhalassa wrote:

> (Big thank you to John Nowak for bringing this to my/our attention)
> The bad news is that, for now, the introductory text to this SoundHack
> on steroids tool is only in German.

Here's my Cole's Notes hack german version. Basically says: it's in
development, a free or shareware version is planned.

Originally Soundhack stft files were read in, transformed, sent back to
SH. A simple graphical interface allowed chaining transformations, and
after analysis and synthesis was added fscape became a standalone
program. Further not necessarily spectral processes have been added, as
independent modules which can be ordered. e.g. HQ resampling, frequency
shifting, and FIR filter modules. The modules all have a similar
well-behaved "plug-in" interface; here you see the Hilbert filter,
which as a rule is used as a frequency shifter. [picture]

Time varying parameters have been integrated in part, but overall
implementation of breakpoints is still pending. Here's the convolution
module, with an interesting morphing function. Bottom left is the BP
editor. [picture]

At the moment there is a disadvantage to the individual modules in
terms of 'bad attachableness'. [I think...] As a rule sound will be
transformed several times. To enable long processes without human
supervision a passable batch processor was programmed: [picture]

... it's in Java ... it has useful utilities and unique features. To be
useful and force development it will probably be open source after some
cleanup and documentation work. With the exception of a few lines of
code, everything is pure java, so that a fast port to linux is

That's it. I basically have pub German, and it's pretty rusty, so
apologies if I've messed this up at all.


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