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This would be really neat if the publisher offered members of the
cec-conference a 20% discount



At 22:19 -0500 2004/07/22, Jim Harley wrote:
>XENAKIS: His Life in Music
>by James Harley
>Publisher: Routledge (
>ISBN: 0415971454
>Pub Date: 01 JUL 2004
>Type: Hardback Book
>Price: $85.00
>For over forty years Iannis Xenakis has been one of the major
>figures in contemporary music. In all that time, there has not been
>a study of his music published in English. This volume leads the
>reader along the trajectory of Xenakis's compositional development,
>presenting the works together with the technical and conceptual
>innovations he has introduced along the way. Particular works are
>examined in greater detail as signposts marking new stages in the
>composer's creative journey, from the early, unpublished works to
>the breakthrough pieces Metastasis and Pithoprakta, through the
>oft-discussed decade of formalization to the evolving styles of the
>succeeding three decades.
>Harley approaches the music from the point of view of a musician;
>his thesis rests upon the conviction that Xenakis's theoretical
>formulations can be explained and understood without recourse to
>complicated mathematics. This "scientific" feature of the composer's
>own explications of his work has baffled and often alienated many
>who have responded strongly to the music. The book also includes an
>up-to-date bibliography, and links to a current discography and list
>of works.
>James Harley, Associate Professor [on leave, 2004-05]
>Coordinator, Music Industry Program
>138, Center for the Arts
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