Re: Max/MSP tempo panners first draft

Subject: Re: Max/MSP tempo panners first draft
From: John Nowak (
Date: Fri Jul 23 2004 - 00:33:37 EDT

On Jul 22, 2004, at 2:17 PM, Carey Dodge wrote:

> have finished the first draft of a patch I am
> working on. It runs on Max/MSP for XP and OSX. It is
> a spatialization patch that moves sound with tempo.
> Eventually this will be able to be synced with ReWire
> applications, et cetera.

I just finished a rather lengthy and tedious session sorting some bugs
in Max, so I'd like to give someone else's work a try for once. :-) I'm
running Max/MSP 4.5 on OS X.

- John

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