[ANN] Xenakis: His Life in Music

Subject: [ANN] Xenakis: His Life in Music
From: Jim Harley (harleyja@mnstate.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 23:19:46 EDT

XENAKIS: His Life in Music
by James Harley

Publisher: Routledge (www.routledge-ny.com)
ISBN: 0415971454
Pub Date: 01 JUL 2004
Type: Hardback Book
Price: $85.00

For over forty years Iannis Xenakis has been one of the major figures
in contemporary music. In all that time, there has not been a study of
his music published in English. This volume leads the reader along the
trajectory of Xenakis's compositional development, presenting the works
together with the technical and conceptual innovations he has
introduced along the way. Particular works are examined in greater
detail as signposts marking new stages in the composer's creative
journey, from the early, unpublished works to the breakthrough pieces
Metastasis and Pithoprakta, through the oft-discussed decade of
formalization to the evolving styles of the succeeding three decades.

Harley approaches the music from the point of view of a musician; his
thesis rests upon the conviction that Xenakis's theoretical
formulations can be explained and understood without recourse to
complicated mathematics. This "scientific" feature of the composer's
own explications of his work has baffled and often alienated many who
have responded strongly to the music. The book also includes an
up-to-date bibliography, and links to a current discography and list of

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