Re: Max/MSP tempo panners first draft

Subject: Re: Max/MSP tempo panners first draft
From: Jay Smalridge (
Date: Thu Jul 22 2004 - 14:28:11 EDT


I would be interested, although I don't know how much intelligent feedback I could offer. But I am eager to try it out.

On Thursday, July 22, 2004, at 11:19AM, Carey Dodge <> wrote:

>Hi, all!
> --- Kevin Austin <> wrote: >
>You may want to post a notice to cec-conference, SAN
>> and the ACMA lists
>I have finished the first draft of a patch I am
>working on. It runs on Max/MSP for XP and OSX. It is
>a spatialization patch that moves sound with tempo.
>Eventually this will be able to be synced with ReWire
>applications, et cetera.
>I would appreciate any feedback. Contact me privately
>and I can send you the patch. It is about 300k. Or I
>can send it to the list if you accept attachments. I
>would especially appreciate feedback in regards to:
>1) This already exsists and I am wasting my time :)
>2) Anyone who is familiar with programming in Max/MSP
>could possibly suggest fixes to the bugs that are
>still in the patch...
>I have come across a roadblock however in my
>programming skill which is very rudimentary. The
>audio is clipping when moving faster than 100BPM. I
>think it is to do with the way I routed the audio (I
>have made some pretty convoluted but functional
>matrix-like subpatches. I wonder if there is
>matrix-like router object out there?) but it may also
>be in the way I pan the sound. If anyone has the time
>to take a look at the patch and suggest improvements
>that would be greatly appreciated.
>3) General comments
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