Re: con/dis-sonance

Subject: Re: con/dis-sonance
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Jul 21 2004 - 17:38:21 EDT

The (pitch) corner stone (IMV) is the voice, followed closely by the
plucked / bowed string. A difference between western and non-western
cultures is the sounding of two (or more) different 'notes', at the
same time.



At 17:21 -0500 2004/07/21, John Kamevaar wrote:
>With respect to the recent intriguing discussions regarding intervalic
>structure, I've often wondered what the history of classical
>music would sound like had the violin been the cornerstone of this
>edifice - instead of the piano. If the primordial dichotomy of the
>continuous/discontinuous had been in favour of the former. Einstein
>practiced the violin.

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