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Subject: Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap to zap
From: Shane Turner (
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 17:00:28 EDT

Kind of off track, but "All-inclusive" labels are all about webhits and are
frequently insensitive to more than just electroacoustics. The person right
before the Car Horn Symphonies on the experimental page considers himself a
hip hop artist. And one only has to take a look at how the different hip
hop based musics (besides vocal forms, turntablism, trip hop, hybrids such
as Boards of Canada, etc) are consistently classified or stereotyped under
something like Rap or IDM or even worse "experimental" to see how inherent
this problem is in all non Billboard top 10 genres, not just Sonic
Manipulation/Tape Music/EA/etc. As another example, you'll find a couple
Robert Normandeau releases classified under Dance and DJ if you do a search
on in that heading (press "browse styles" tab then "dance dj",
then search) probably because of the CD "Sonars" he released on the British
(Aphex Twin related) label Rephex, and inclusion on their latest

A couple years ago I was reading a review by an artist who felt he was a
tape musician, but much to his annoyance, was filed under new age by his
distributors. Outside of electronic music circles people are completely
unware of such things. This is probably always going to be a source of
irritation for all non-easily-categorized musicians. That doesn't change
the fact that artists that pretty much all techno musicians I've ever met
have heard of at least Xenakis and Stockhausen, who were writing electronic
music probably before the website manager was even born (no matter what he
wants to call it).

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> At 10:46 AM 7/19/04 +0100, Richard Wentk wrote:
> >Film and video are terms that are widely understood and accepted by
> >who's familiar with them. But the 'electroacoustic' word most certainly
> >doesn't mean what you're claiming it means to anyone outside of academia.
> After the demise of, many of us had been looking for good places
> present out material. One of the interesting-looking new places was Hydro
> Records, a self-submission sort of site. I posted numerous electroacoustic
> pieces to the 'electronic' category.
> Not long afterward, the site manager had moved them all to the
> 'experimental' category. Electronic music, he told me, was a popular genre
> and had nothing to do with experimental music.
> When I suggested adding an 'electroacoustic' category, the conversation
> ended. So those pieces now sit along side my Car Horn Symphonies, extended
> vocal piece, and chamber music (too 'experimental' for his 'classical'
> category, I guess).
> Dennis

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