Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap to zap

Subject: Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap to zap
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Mon Jul 19 2004 - 08:57:41 EDT

At 10:46 AM 7/19/04 +0100, Richard Wentk wrote:
>Film and video are terms that are widely understood and accepted by anyone
>who's familiar with them. But the 'electroacoustic' word most certainly
>doesn't mean what you're claiming it means to anyone outside of academia.

After the demise of, many of us had been looking for good places to
present out material. One of the interesting-looking new places was Hydro
Records, a self-submission sort of site. I posted numerous electroacoustic
pieces to the 'electronic' category.

Not long afterward, the site manager had moved them all to the
'experimental' category. Electronic music, he told me, was a popular genre
and had nothing to do with experimental music.

When I suggested adding an 'electroacoustic' category, the conversation
ended. So those pieces now sit along side my Car Horn Symphonies, extended
vocal piece, and chamber music (too 'experimental' for his 'classical'
category, I guess).


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