Re: Powerplant, TO

Subject: Re: Powerplant, TO
From: andrea cornell (
Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 15:57:24 EDT

--- Michael Dunn <> wrote: >
Anyone been to the Powerplant yet to hear the
> current exhibits
> (e.g., Janet Cardiff's Spem in Alium)?
> Michael
> Been there, heard/experienced Janet Cardiff's
installation, a novel idea, but i did not feel that
the hall it is set up in does it justice, very cold,
and non reverberant.
I was pretty disappointed with the work, there were
some minor glitches in the recording, it sounded like
a novel and exciting installation,but it was really
quite mediocre.So much potential in such a set up
Of greater interest was the film showing the work of
John Körmeling, fascinating, eccentric work.

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