spatalization - octo 'appearances' in stereo

Subject: spatalization - octo 'appearances' in stereo
From: macCormac (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 23:28:39 EDT

hello CEC conference

i am attempting to make 2 stereo tracks replicate what i achieved in 8
channel with sound panning 'circually' around th room.

please tell me how would i proceed ? i've tried a few things ie panning
from one xtreme left to right but it's not really reaching 'critical
mass' ;-)

is there a standard technique i don't know about . . . ? . . . th tracks
are processed round drums and i want them to move as if around / past
one's head . . .

Hildegard Westerkamp panned a bird's voice in Beneath the Forest Floor
.... very fast across th space ...

this is slightly different. more circular around space than quick like
bird / bunny across th space :-)

thanks for any advice / info

verbatim / phonetic ;-)

best, mc squared
bcc: pierrot@podx

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