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Subject: Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap
From: Michael Gogins (
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 07:30:47 EDT

Language is biological, tradition is biological. Nature is the object of
science. Biology is the science of life considered as living objects. Human
nature is the nature of those living objects who are human beings, so
obviously human biology is the study of human nature.

It is clear that language is biological since it evolved, and depends
critically upon a few recent mutations. Some of the genes responsible for
language use have been identified recently thanks to a family with some
language problems in London who lack those genes.

Surely you don't suppose human beings are the only creatures with tradition?
Birds learn certain songs, dolphins, monkeys, dogs, all kinds of creatures
learn important parts of their adaptations from their parents.

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Subject: RE: electroacoustics - rap to tap

> Michael Gogins wrote:
> > Since every society has art, it's clear that art is not
> > social but biological or, in other words, part of "human
> > nature." If you could show me a society without art, I'd have
> > to say that art was socially caused, but that's obviously not
> > the case.
> Is language biological? Is tradition biological? It's not clear at all
> that art is biological and since when "part of human nature" equates to
> "being biological"?
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