Guitar Fundamental and overtones

Subject: Guitar Fundamental and overtones
From: Jay Smalridge (
Date: Fri Jul 02 2004 - 11:30:02 EDT

I little change of topic if anyone is interested(though I am disappointed that I missed the previous topic. thats what happens when you take part in the real world for a day).
I am analyzing my instruments to find out their frequency range (if anyone has a good resource for frequency ranges of instruments, please let me know), and the amount of overtones they have. I tried my glockenspiel and it was easily seen as two spikes in frequency(or so). A harmonica had a few more but still made sense. I just tried my guitar and it gave me all kinds of results( almost never the same). My guess is this is because of two things:

-the overtones and the fundamental will change depending on where and how I hit the string?

-the other strings vibrate as a result of the sound(air) passing out of the sound hole?

But their are so many overtones and sometimes they are even higher than what would be the fundamental. In fact, sometimes their appears to be overtones lower than the fundamental. Is all this accurate? because it does not make much sense in comparison to the other test I've done.



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