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Subject: Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap
From: John Nowak (
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 19:17:53 EDT

On Jul 1, 2004, at 7:10 PM, Eric Lyon wrote:

> On Jul 1, 2004, at 6:40 PM, John Nowak wrote:
>> RDJ has a history of lying in interviews.
> What serious artist doesn't?

I know I don't. Persona is important. I'm not saying its a bad thing...
I'm just saying.

>> Personally as an artist, I can't understand how someone can be an
>> artist and not try to put originality ahead of (or at least not
>> behind) anything else.
> Aphex Twin would agree with you. He once said in an interview that his
> only rule for himself is that his tracks have to be original. Of
> course he was probably lying :)

That lying bastard!!

> Actually it's in a particular historical period/practice where
> originality becomes a fetish - late 19th through 20th century western
> art music. But intent and outcome are two different matters. You can
> be trying hard to be original, and be maybe different in some sense
> (e.g. Antheil) yet perhaps not in a deep way. Or you could could care
> less about originality per se and still be wildly original (J. S.
> Bach). I value originality as a consumer of music, and depth as a
> creator of music (i.e. music I can return to with pleasure after
> having heard it a thousand times).
>> As a listener/viewer, I feel the same way, especially with music.
>> There is simply so much music out there nowadays, often freely
>> available, that unless something is "new", I can't be bothered
>> listening to it. Now I'm exaggerating a bit to make my point, but I
>> think with the amount of information overload we all experience in
>> today's society, its more relevant to focus on "new" rather than
>> additional versions of the unfathomable amount of artwork that we
>> already have. I'm more interested in revolutionary, rather than
>> evolutionary... except perhaps when it comes to the Porsche 911.
>> Damn, I love that car.
> It's a noble aspiration and I'm not going to knock it.

Whew.. thought you might be one of those Corvette guys.

- John

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