Subject: Underkurrent
From: Richard Whitelaw (richard@sonicartsnetwork.org)
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 08:21:56 EDT

FRIDAY 16th JULY 2004 at 7.30pm
electronic music, installation & invented instruments
at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Orchard Place, London, E14
Trevor Taylor plays the Baschet Brothers 'sculptures sonores'
Kreepa - [invented instruments] & special guest Paul Dunmall
Jem Finer - 'Longplayer' millenium installation
Nicholas James Bullen (Napalm Death) DJ set

Trinity Buoy Wharf is the spectacular riverside location of a lighthouse & a
workshop where 'father of electricity', Michael Faraday did his pioneering
experiments in electromagnetism & will provide a unique setting for two
remarkable performances of live electronic music.

'Underkurrent' will feature original instruments by Bernard & Francois
Baschet (the pioneers of sound scupture) performed by Trevor Taylor (who
produced the book 'Les Scuptures Sonores'). He will also perform Walter
Fabeck's new site-specific composition, "360", especially conceived for
Trinity Buoy Wharf.

Kreepa - an electric improvising ensemble (featuring members of 'Sand').
will showcase their baffling array of self-invented instruments, such as the
Tromboscillator (Hilary Jeffery) & the Eraser Recorder (Cesar Villavicencio)
and the Kreepback Instrument (John Richards).
Kreepa will be joined by very special guest saxoponist Paul Dunmall.

The lighthouse is home to Jem Finer's millenium installation "Longplayer" -
a 1000 year long piece of music which started to play on the 1st January
2000 & will be open to the public as part of the event.

The event will also feature a rare DJ set from Nicholas James Bullen -
founder of the seminal Napalm Death and Scorn.

Underkurrent Cruise
A special cruise is also offered for river transport to and from the Wharf.
The historic craft M V Viscount (built in 1908) has three decks &
is equipped with a spatial sound diffusion rig. The outward journey will
feature newly commissioned sound-works curated by Sonic Arts Network based
on the event's themes of electricity, water, Faraday & the Thames.
Music for the return journey is from the 'Soul Jazz Sound System'.
The boat departs AT 6.00PM from Embankment pier and returns by 11.45pm.

Getting there:
DLR train to East India
277 Bus (destination: Leamouth).
Or take the Cruise!

Tickets are available for the concert alone (10)
or for the concert and return boat trip (15)

Both tickets available via Ticketweb
online: <http://www.ticketweb.co.uk>
tel: 08700 600 100

Or in person at:
Sounds of the Universe
7 Broadwick Street
London W1F 0DA
tel: 0207 494 2004

More info at: <http://www.underkurrent.org>


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