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Subject: Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap
From: macCormac (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 13:02:20 EDT


ps maybe Madonna is sleeping in too in England that is ... nice play on th head and tale of dis beautiful electroacoustic music ... :-) .. which is often a kind of audio poetry with and without words ... but always with sound and sometimes noise ... and then some say all sound is music ... tho some music is noisier than others ..

why is this horrible fan outside my window making such noise ? because th buildings are reflecting it right into my window. wish it was th birds this LOUD :-)

best, macCormacski

Jay Smalridge wrote:

> dasHello and dasBoot,
> I'll have to hang my head in shame at the comment I made earlier. I forgot the most important aspect of electroacoustic sound is the electro reproduction, right? I guess that something has to be produced through a sort of speaker or electronic means to be considered this way? I hope that my past teachers will forgive me...
> I guess I feel that no matter what the source of the sound, I still think of it in the terms of what it might be, or what it sounds like...?
> So, my question is what is the difference between music and "just sounds"(particularly the difference between electroacoustics and electroacoustic music, if I understand the meaning properly)? A lot of people tend to tell me that the tracks off of the PRESENCE cd are just random sounds. After some explanation from me,they see the patterns or purpose and then they can call it music(I must admit even I needed to be shown the light before I could make heads or tales of the music).
> I figure that if we can distinguish music from "just sounds", then perhaps we can see if the types of music you suggested fit or not.
> And maybe I should go have a look at the definition of electroacoustics because I seemed to be out to lunch...of inadaze(insert punchline drum hits here please).
> Jay

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