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Subject: Re: electroacoustics - rap to tap
From: Jay Smalridge (
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 09:44:58 EDT

I took this from the cec website:

"The term suggests that the manipulation, investigation or "sculpting" of sound is of primary importance. Thus, although the use of MIDI keyboards by a rock band is technically electroacoustic, it is generally considered to be part of the field only if the person at the keyboard is selecting the sounds for their particular characteristics, not simply choosing a preset for playing a known tune."

-"Sculpting" Sound: The Story of the CEC
By Rosemary Mountain

In my humble opinion, every sound (including the genres of music) is electroacoustic if the person listening to it perceives it as such. Whether it is intentional or not on the part of the musician, when I hear any kind of sound, I hear it with what I learned in electroacoustics in mind. How did they make that sound? What does it sound like?...
I remember writing an essay about Norman McLaren and one quote that always stuck with me was that he used to love to go to the cinema to watch movies. Even if the the movie was terrible, what amused him was the hairs or dust that would find there way in front of the projector lens and wiggle on the screen. The person who made the movie obviously did not take this into consideration, but McLaren enjoyed it in this way none the less. I take what I want from the sounds I hear.

I am sure that what ever higher power there is, does not intentionally make the birds chirp and the wind blow through leaves to make electroacoustic music, but we percieved it that way.

anyway,I have not had my coffee yet so sorry if this is a little scattered.


PS. Then my questions will persist...=)

On Wednesday, June 30, 2004, at 04:36AM, macCormac <> wrote:

>hello (cc: dear Professor Austin)
>would i be correct in writing th following :
>Professor K. Austin might say that all recorded music (from rap to tap -
>electroacoustic to popular rock)
>is electroacoustic as are mics / boxes / boards and is conducted o'er
>great dis-tances via telephone poles . . . ;-) ...
>therefore we must continue to differentiate between
>electroacoustics and electroacoustic music ?
>pre recorded
>rap music
>pop music
>tap music
>electroacoustic music
>are they all electroacoustic music
>as they use electroacoustics ?
>we don't write music after rap / pop / tap as much as we do
>electroacoustic ?
>how many of you would concur with Professor Austin in a kind of
>'Thoreauivian Concord ' or at least some such 'musical' derivation ?
>ps mr in a daze asks most insight full questions. i look forward to
>hearing his e-book :-) i am learning lots and th musical joy & jokes of
>th conference is evident and good for th soul .. well and then there's
>th spam ... if it is perceived as spam ... if a rose is a rose is a rose
>is a rose is spam spam spam spam by any other words to read scan trash
>delete in random earnst ?
>thanks for info / insights . . .
>best regards, sylvi macCormac (murphy's cousin)
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