RE: electroacoustics - rap to tap

Subject: RE: electroacoustics - rap to tap
Date: Wed Jun 30 2004 - 09:41:31 EDT

As a matter of historical, empirical fact "electronic music" had a distinct
stylistic identity arising from the conjunction of the limitations of 1950s
gear, the prevailing avant-garde classical music esthetic, and the
individualities of the leading figures in the field. This "sound" has been
one of the more influential in music history and has colored pop and rap as
well as film music and some contemporary classical music.

Calling all music produced with electronics "electroacoustic music" is in
my view technically accurate, yet esthetically misleading.

Technical means do influence style, so the term "electroacoustic music" has
the value of pointing to how the electronic music style has propagated to
infect other styles, as it were, like a germ in the body of a mosquito, the
mosquito being studio gear and personnel.

But I think the term is still misleading because other stylistic influences
are still more important.

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From: macCormac
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 05:36:01 -0600
Subject: electroacoustics - rap to tap

hello (cc: dear Professor Austin)

would i be correct in writing th following :

Professor K. Austin might say that all recorded music (from rap to tap -
electroacoustic to popular rock)
is electroacoustic as are mics / boxes / boards and is conducted o'er
great dis-tances via telephone poles . . . ;-) ...

therefore we must continue to differentiate between
electroacoustics and electroacoustic music ?

pre recorded

rap music
pop music
tap music
electroacoustic music

are they all electroacoustic music
as they use electroacoustics ?

we don't write music after rap / pop / tap as much as we do
electroacoustic ?

how many of you would concur with Professor Austin in a kind of
'Thoreauivian Concord ' or at least some such 'musical' derivation ?

ps mr in a daze asks most insight full questions. i look forward to
hearing his e-book :-) i am learning lots and th musical joy & jokes of
th conference is evident and good for th soul .. well and then there's
th spam ... if it is perceived as spam ... if a rose is a rose is a rose
is a rose is spam spam spam spam by any other words to read scan trash
delete in random earnst ?

thanks for info / insights . . .

best regards, sylvi macCormac (murphy's cousin)
on th western front with birds chirrrrrrrrrrping
please say hi to Madonna for me (thanks iriXx)
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