RE: monitoring 5.1 audio

Subject: RE: monitoring 5.1 audio
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 19:08:08 EDT

Thanks. You are right. One cannot have a 5.1 studio.

In a studio, the ideal could be five matched full-range (25Hz -
25kHz) speakers in a 5 channel 'composition', studio, and, a surround
with LFE if the studio is designed for commercial 5.1 type work.

The situation faced by composers (and studios) who wish to create a
multi-speaker environment is one that appears to have no standardized
response. (Twenty years ago, few ea studios had subwoofers ...).

As a composer setting up (or modifying) a home studio, should I think
of having an amp between the output of my mixer (if I still use one),
and my speakers? If I am using an amp and powered speakers, how does
the volume control function?

If I wish to create a five-channel (n-channel) piece, I would use the
sub as a way of extending the range of my monitoring system.

In doing the mix / distribution, my thinking is that the signals are
full range, but the speakers aren't, therefore a sub-woofer channel
is extracted from the five channels being sent to the monitors.

In concert, we have a stereo source into the splitters, and a feed is
taken from the post-fader AUX sends so that as the overall signal
level changes, so does the amount of signal being sent to the sub(s).



At 14:49 +0100 2004/06/25, Dr Douglas Doherty wrote:
>Dear Kevin
>Whether multi-channel sound in general or 8.1 the issue of the LFE
>channel or the bass from all channels is one which needs to be
>approached very carefully, and without the possibility of confusion,
>and referring to the crossed over bass as the .1 channel is wrong in
>the case of 5.1 and confusing in the case of multichannel sound - it
>is all just words I guess in any case, but I have come across so
>much misinformation and vagueness in this area I'm afraid I'm a bit
>of an evangelist! Sorry if I sounded tetchy!

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