Re: monitoring 5.1 audio

Subject: Re: monitoring 5.1 audio
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Jun 25 2004 - 06:29:08 EDT


There is much interest in this topic, and it is a matter faced by
everyone who goes to multi-channel monitoring. IME, the major
divisions are (1) whether to use powered speakers, and (2) how to
derive the sub [.1] channel.

Using powered speakers will be more expensive, and a discussion on
(formerly) <cecdiscuss> pointed out the weakness of / compromises
involved in building an amp into a speaker cabinet.

If the sub is to be a 'real' channel, the output from the computer
will have to be (minimum) 6 channels, one of them being a mixed and
lowpass filtered version of the other 5 channels, or, an external
mixer will have to derive the sub channel in the same way.

The medium to which you record can also be a factor, DVD or
ADAT/DA-88 being among the most common.


At 9:20 AM +0100 6/25/04, Diego Garro wrote:
>I wonder if I can use the SAN collective brain for this one:
>We are finally building up one or two studios for audio
>(multi-channel) / video post-production and composition. My query
>is: how do you monitor 5.1 sound while you are preparing a 5.1 piece
>or soundtrack?
>- Do you use 5 separate good quality speakers (for example Circle 5)
>plus a subwoofer driven independently by separate amplifiers (for
>example Samson Servo260)?
>- Or do you use a commercial AV receiver/ampli driving a set of
>commercial 5.1 speaker-set (a bit like watching home-theatre)?
>- Any suggestion on brands/models?
>Thanks in anticipation
>Diego Garro
>Diego Garro
>Keele University
>School of Languages Culture and Creative Arts
>Department of Music
>Keele - Staffordshire - ST5 5BG - UK

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