Re: 1 7/8 Inch Help

Subject: Re: 1 7/8 Inch Help
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Jun 23 2004 - 23:18:50 EDT

Try to find an open reel (old Sony eg) that will play at 3 3/4 and
dub at that speed, then halve the transfered file, or in a real
pinch, play at 7 1/2 and quarter the speed, but results are not so

At 15:27 -0400 2004/06/23, David Mooney wrote:
>I have an old reel of tape that was recorded at 1 7/8 inch speed.
>There doesn't seem to be a recorder here in the Pittsburgh area
>anymore that can play this tape. Just want to copy it over--no
>processing--to DAT (preferrably) or CDR. If anyone can help, please
>answer privately.
>David Mooney

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