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Subject: RE: OT Musicworks event / post card launch
From: Nadene (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 19:46:18 EDT

Hi Paul (and anyone else who might be interested in purchasing the set...)

The prices for the sets and individual Musicworks post cards are as follows:

Single Unsigned Cards: $3.00 each
Set of 26 Unsigned Cards: $50.00
Set of 26 Signed and Numbered Cards: $250.00

Note: We are offering subscribers a special release price of $200.00 if they
purchase the set before July 31, 2004.


PS you can e-mail me off-list if you have any further questions.

>Nadene:\I think I might be interested in the post card set. Do you have a
>price set for It yet?
>Paul Beaudoin, Ph.D. (Composer/Theorist/Author)
>Long term reader of MUSICWORKS
>Boston, MA
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>Subject: OT Musicworks event / post card launch
>Hope some of you in the Toronto area can make it out to this. Even
>if you can't make it though, you might be interested in purchasing
>the post card set - 26 post cards to commemorate 26 years!
>Where: Edward Day Gallery (952 Queen St. W), Toronto
>When: Friday June 25, 2004
>Doors: 7:30 p.m.
>Tickets: $15 (advance), $20 (door) and available by calling 416-977-3546
>Performers: dreamSTATE, Mannlicher Carcano Ensemble, and Darren Copeland
>+ presentation of John Oswald's "instandstillness"
>Toronto-based Musicworks Magazine, a not-for-profit publication
>dedicated to sound art, will open its archive of sound recordings to
>soundscape composers dreamSTATE, Mannlicher Carcano Ensemble, and
>Darren Copeland as a source of creative inspiration for their
>performances at the magazine¹s June 25th fundraiser at the Edward Day
>Musicworks will also launch 26 postcards to commemorate its 26 years
>of publication, designed by renowned Canadian and international
>composers, musicians, and artists: Tim Brady, Christopher
>Butterfield, Allison Cameron, Paul Dutton, Malcolm Goldstein, Helen
>Hall, James Harley, Peter Hatch, David Jaeger and James Montgomery,
>Udo Kasemets, Kathy Kennedy, Nobuo Kubota, alcides lanza, Hope Lee
>and David Eagle, Gordon Monahan, David Mott, John Oswald, Sarah
>Peebles and Robert Cruikshank, Randy Raine-Reusch, Reinhard
>Reitzenstein, R. Murray Schafer, William E. (Bill) Smith, Michael
>Snow, Jesse Stewart, W. Mark Sutherland, and Hildegard Westerkamp.
>Orders will be taken for limited edition signed sets!
>Ambient soundscape artists dreamSTATE, best known as curators of THE
>AMBiENT PiNG, Toronto's long-running weekly live ambient and
>experimental music event, will mutate, stretch and rejuxtapose the
>wealth of creative and historic electroacoustic music from the
>Musicworks archive. Audio collage ensemble Mannlicher Carcano will
>use the sound archives as a source of material for their audio
>improvisations, and Darren Copeland will use the collection to create
>ŒThe Random Jukebox¹ which will mangle, stretch, chop, distort and
>generally disfigure a musically diverse selection of recordings from
>past Musicworks publications.
>In addition the event will showcase internationally renowned Canadian
>composer John Oswald¹s latest installation "instandstillness," a
>feature-length cinematic spectacle featuring hundreds of Torontonians
>participating in a skin-deep portrayal of a ghostly crowd.
>"instandstillness" is the third of a series of moving stills in which
>Oswald perfectly blurs the properties and aesthetics of photography,
>movies, and televisualisation in a counter-Koyaanisqatsi universe.
>Founded in 1978, Musicworks Magazine is the first publication to
>pioneer the concept of packaging print and sound together, first on
>cassette and now on CD. Each issue features articles by and about
>Canadian and international composers, musicians, artists and
>theorists, and includes a CD of their works.
> -30-
>For more information or to purchase tickets contact: Marisa
>Iacobucci, Managing Editor, Musicworks Magazine, Tel: 416-977-3546 or
>or Nadene Thériault-Copeland, Business Manager 416-910-7231

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