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Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 07:35:05 EDT

Nadene:\I think I might be interested in the post card set. Do you have a
price set for It yet?

Paul Beaudoin, Ph.D. (Composer/Theorist/Author)
Long term reader of MUSICWORKS
Boston, MA

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Subject: OT Musicworks event / post card launch

Hope some of you in the Toronto area can make it out to this. Even
if you can't make it though, you might be interested in purchasing
the post card set - 26 post cards to commemorate 26 years!



Where: Edward Day Gallery (952 Queen St. W), Toronto
When: Friday June 25, 2004
Doors: 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: $15 (advance), $20 (door) and available by calling 416-977-3546

Performers: dreamSTATE, Mannlicher Carcano Ensemble, and Darren Copeland
+ presentation of John Oswald's "instandstillness"

Toronto-based Musicworks Magazine, a not-for-profit publication
dedicated to sound art, will open its archive of sound recordings to
soundscape composers dreamSTATE, Mannlicher Carcano Ensemble, and
Darren Copeland as a source of creative inspiration for their
performances at the magazine¹s June 25th fundraiser at the Edward Day

Musicworks will also launch 26 postcards to commemorate its 26 years
of publication, designed by renowned Canadian and international
composers, musicians, and artists: Tim Brady, Christopher
Butterfield, Allison Cameron, Paul Dutton, Malcolm Goldstein, Helen
Hall, James Harley, Peter Hatch, David Jaeger and James Montgomery,
Udo Kasemets, Kathy Kennedy, Nobuo Kubota, alcides lanza, Hope Lee
and David Eagle, Gordon Monahan, David Mott, John Oswald, Sarah
Peebles and Robert Cruikshank, Randy Raine-Reusch, Reinhard
Reitzenstein, R. Murray Schafer, William E. (Bill) Smith, Michael
Snow, Jesse Stewart, W. Mark Sutherland, and Hildegard Westerkamp.
Orders will be taken for limited edition signed sets!

Ambient soundscape artists dreamSTATE, best known as curators of THE
AMBiENT PiNG, Toronto's long-running weekly live ambient and
experimental music event, will mutate, stretch and rejuxtapose the
wealth of creative and historic electroacoustic music from the
Musicworks archive. Audio collage ensemble Mannlicher Carcano will
use the sound archives as a source of material for their audio
improvisations, and Darren Copeland will use the collection to create
ŒThe Random Jukebox¹ which will mangle, stretch, chop, distort and
generally disfigure a musically diverse selection of recordings from
past Musicworks publications.

In addition the event will showcase internationally renowned Canadian
composer John Oswald¹s latest installation "instandstillness," a
feature-length cinematic spectacle featuring hundreds of Torontonians
participating in a skin-deep portrayal of a ghostly crowd.
"instandstillness" is the third of a series of moving stills in which
Oswald perfectly blurs the properties and aesthetics of photography,
movies, and televisualisation in a counter-Koyaanisqatsi universe.

Founded in 1978, Musicworks Magazine is the first publication to
pioneer the concept of packaging print and sound together, first on
cassette and now on CD. Each issue features articles by and about
Canadian and international composers, musicians, artists and
theorists, and includes a CD of their works.


For more information or to purchase tickets contact: Marisa
Iacobucci, Managing Editor, Musicworks Magazine, Tel: 416-977-3546 or
or Nadene Thériault-Copeland, Business Manager 416-910-7231

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