om 2004 june 18-24 full details

Subject: om 2004 june 18-24 full details
From: Neil Wiernik (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 08:59:46 EDT

OM Summer Solstice Festival 2004, June 18-21, Ontario, CANADA

The OM Summer Solstice Festival is an annually anticipated gathering of
global and local networks in rural Ontario, Canada. It is the opportunity
to unite as one movement in celebration of music, art, activism and
forward thinking.

Its a place to create and inspire, a space to educate and empower and most
importantly, a chance to unite and celebrate the strength of our
community. We invite you to join us for 4 days together under the sun and
stars while the midsummer night and longest day of the year converge.

This year, OM will include diverse sights and sounds. Eight sound villages
will feature a cross-section of live musical and visual performances, djs,
and workshops - all presented in a comprehensive edutainment environment.
In addition to the creativity YOU bring, we will host inspiring talks, art
installations, theme villages, a healing annex, a freeskool, a film
festival, an art gallery, and a free community kitchen all entwined amidst
the magical Canadian wilderness.

The OM Festival was born 7 years ago and as each year passes, it continues
to organically develop into a thriving and radiant entity of free

Spread the sound

Yes! Om has a NEW location for this year! One we have never used before.
The amazing site features lots of shade for camping, a spectacular pine
forest, gently rolling green hills and open fields, and of course, water
for swimming.

We realize many of you want to know where Om is. However, we will not be
disclosing the location of Om until closer to the solstice.

The location of the festival is accessible by foot, bike, BUS or car. It
is located in the Ottawa Valley corridor conveniently between Toronto
Ottawa and Montreal. It is a 3.5 hour drive from Toronto. 2.5 hours from
Ottawa and 4 hours from Montreal. For planning sake, aim in the direction
of Bancroft, Ontario, and imagine a 30 minute to 40 minute drive along
back roads from there. keep checking for the location
details closer to the festival date.

In the sprit of the non-spectator, participant economy that we try to
cultivate at OM, while attempting to build some sort of year round
sustainable member based community, weve really tried to keep prices fair
this year, by offering the following annual membership options:

OMERS - $90 advance
These are Memberships for general participants of the festival.

VILLAGERS - $80 (limited supply - SOLD OUT!)
To encourage community involvement, these Memberships are reserved for
those groups who organize and participate as part of a Theme Village.
These Memberships are in limited supply. **Unfortunately the deadline for
Theme Villages has passed for 2004. Hope to hear from you next year!**

OMIES - $30 (limited supply - SOLD OUT!)
To further encourage community involvement, these Memberships are reserved
for those participants who wish to take on volunteer shifts at this years
festival. We offer these Memberships in exchange for 8 hours of work (2 4
hour shifts). These Memberships are also in limited supply. **The deadline
to register was June 3 and we have filled all volunteer positions. For
more information on volunteer memberships click here and look under
participate > volunteer.**

**This year there will be a car tax for every vehicle. If you dont plan to
share costs and carpool, take the bus and save your pennies.

Each year OM hosts a multitude of Sound Villages each very different in
theme and vibe. A Sound Village is more than just a sound system; these
areas are multi-sensory sound spheres - an explosion of art, community and

OM 2004 Participating Sound Villages:

Sumkidz Sound System
Alchemist Arena
Galactic Boogieman
Electronic Playground
West Side Connection
Causmo Effect Sound System
Illage Village
Funk n' Bass

Sumkidz Sound System
Stage Linup:
BLUETECH - (West Coast, US)
THIRD EYE TRIBE (Vancouver, BC.) Tribal Harmonix,
LION-S - Vitamin Tribe Imports, Shambhala
LEXIFER (Legion of Green Men, Post Contemporary)
GABOR international bucket surgeon sumkidz! Toronto
DJ SENNES - Federal Sound/Gnome, Toronto
SLEUTH - Gnome/Federal Sound, Toronto
DMS - Guelph, On
navi - Gnome/jabba control
naw Montreal, Quebec
(noise factory records, complot, piehead records, worthy records, phoniq)
mister andy schnerg Bermuda
ABERRATION - San Francisco, sumkidz!
utena1 (a.k.a. strangeangel23) Toronto,
DJ NEERAV - Montreal, Quebec
RESINATORS Toronto, Maximum DUB experience,
Deeno - bloom! studios Guelph, ON -
TASK FoundationMusic, wabi - Toronto
MESSY JESSE - acoustic bliss, sumkidz! Toronto
YOSHI & CHIE Japan/Toronto
ROLAND CASH sumkidz! Toronto
MARACATU NUNCA ANTES - Brazil to Toronto
JONAH K Gnome, sumkidz! Toronto
SOURFLY LIVE sumkidz! Toronto
CHOCOLATE scratch free sumkidz! Toronto
Splee3KeeBo BC/Toronto connection, sumkidz!
DICKARD & BOBBERT sumkidz! on 4 turntables - Toronto
Mike Lambert sumkidz! Toronto
Leelee Mishi sumkidz! Toronto
Francis Wax Windsor, ON electronic music progression
SIREN sumkidz! Toronto Down Tempo Grooviness
VIOLET Toronto make dub not war come to the brew ha ha for one love one
ARIA sumkidz! Toronto
ZUMBA sumkidz! - Toronto
Sircut Breaker....and then some - sumkidz, Toronto
Kinder Atom - LIVE - Nice + Smooth, Toronto,
Visuals by:
Peter Mettler
Project 3 Media
And the night sky!
Installations by:
Ian Newton - Zero to One
Fire crew
and a gnome

Alchemist Arena

beyond the expected, amid more electronic siblings
exists a space where we transmute earthly elements in to the divine.

built from the basics, the alchemist arena offers an eclectic mix of
positive vibes, organic sounds, and soulful blends.

come when you need to share. absorb as much as you dare.
let your imagination run free. a place to chill and intoxicate your spirit
[ song :: word :: movement :: magick ] all in the name of

[ one love ].

calling all alchemists...poets, emcees, dancers, musicians, wordsmiths,
performers of all vibes. if you resonate with [ one love ] and want to
participate in our open mic - check the schedule for times.

Andrea Thompson
Bounce & Friends
Breathing Seeds Collective
Charlie LittleFingers
DJ Nana & The Love Movement
DJ Ef Sharp
enlight (aka the ronin)
friend of phi
Fury echo sound system
Jaggi Singh
Jorgie Porgie
lisa luscious tai
The NOW Project
Oaxerai (aka the philasoph)
Other skills
Plum dragoness
Randal Fox
Wakefield Brewster - aka lyrical pitbull
Wandering Gypsy Tour
Wasabi Collective
zAyla weedz

-=remember your magick=-
Black Light Activists

We welcome the opportunity to bring back the sound, light and fury of
psychedelic awareness to the Om festival this year. This will be our third
time participating and they just keep getting better. This year we will be
creating a tighter enviornment, surrounding the participant in a orgasmic
sensory stimulation.

* Yeb:BLA/ColdGroove
* Quivering Virgin:BLA
* Jarek:BLA
* Sense:BLA/Eloko
* Sketi:BLA
* Pantha: Detroit
* Reptilian:EyeInThe Pyramid
* +more TBA

Psychedelic Atmospheres by

* Invokvyata
* Neil Gibson
* Jeremy Zuch
* vj Guy

The Galactic Boogiemen

The Ottawa Collective has developed from the passionate underground music
and cultural scene in and around the Ottawa region. From the beginning the
collective has been like family and the atmosphere is generated from that
vibe, there is a unified love of the music that transcends daily life and
provides energy. This collective vibe is real. The meshing of different
kinds of people through music is something you can feel.

We are proud to feature local talent grown from a scene that has generated
its own heroes throughout the years. We will provide the sounds, the soul
and the life that possess it.

Join the Galactic Boogieman to experience music, live art, group hypnosis,
friendly competitive games, and environmental awareness. We will also host
a costume show and a clothing exchange so If you like dressing up and
wearing costumes this is your time to shine!!!

Dj Listing

* Jaxpratt aka Jeffrey Deep fried House Music
* Trevor Walker Afro-beat /
* Rise Ashen Nujazz /
* DJ Odyssey
* Pedro Dias Magical Music Journey
* DJ Rayaz One Unity Records
* DJ Muisik Deep House
* secretninja Drum n Bass
* Adam L & JLarge Chuggin House
* Jeremy Deep Funky House
* Mike D Deep Tech Funk
* DJ Paulo Deepspaced House
* DJ Colin Hargreaves Good Vibes Music
* CPI Chill Down Tempo
* DJ Kore Sneaky Beats
* Scotty James Classic House

The Electronic Playground

Where art meets technology; form meets function. A celebration of
technology in music, art and life. Here we pay tribute to our changed
lives with music, dancing and interactive art.

Become a part of the festivities; dance the night away around the sandbox
<ETH> a multimedia stage featuring the most modern and revolutionary
electronic music. Witness as dozens of DJs and live electronic artists
coax sweet synthetic sound from stacks of synthesizers, computers and
turntables. Intense projected visual effects and environmental lighting
enhance infectious robot melodies and massive rhythms.

Come and play or chill under the monkey bars (in the yurt), where a
variety of interactive toys and installations can educate and intrigue
you. From interactive video art collages to fun old video games with comfy
seats, this is a place to lounge and recharge! Join us where every morning
is Saturday morning, as we screen classic cartoons and world-renowned
animation, one of the many wonderful art forms afforded to us in recent

Daytime in the playground will feature workshops, improvs and jams at both
the sandbox and the monkey bars. Immerse yourself in modern art and
science. Learn, interact, integrate enjoy.

The Electronic Playground is a collaboration effort brought to you by
Afterglow Productions (Toronto), The Electronic Music Progression
(Windsor) and the Freespace Collective (Toronto). We have combined all our
resources to bring you the best of our art, performers and environments as
we try to create a whole, which is greater than the mere sum of its parts.
Join us as we journey through the present.

Our Musical Talent:

* Afxgrin (A.D.M.S, St. Catherine's) - 8 bit nostalgia
* Azakite (afterglow, Toronto) - Drum&Bass
* Batman (subtransit, Toronto) - Techhaus
* Shamus Coghlan (Foundation Music, Toronto) - Minimal Techno
* Dharma Lab (, Buffalo) - Techno / Trance live PA
* Divell (Freespace, Toronto) - Techno
* Derek Michael [DM] (Hor-zu, Detroit Underground, Windsor) - Techno
* DNME (Rugged, BCJ, Windsor) - Jungle
* engine (subtransit, Toronto) - Techhaus
* evolve (, Windsor) - Funky / Hard Techno
* DJ Forta (Fortics Mgmt, Buffalo) - Sexy Electro / Techno
* Fractal Equinox (A.D.M.S, Burlington) - Goa / Acid
* francis wAX (EMP, Windsor) - deep techno
* Halcyon 23 (Toronto) - Techno Live PA
* Jackson 2bears (Foundation Music, Victoria, BC) - Experimental DnB
* Jane Shorthand (Freespace, Toronto) - electro
* Kero (BPitch, Ghostly Int'l, Detroit Underground, Windsor) - IDM /
Techno Live PA
* Matt Clarke (Rugged, BCJ, Detroit, MI) - Jungle
* MC Flow (Rugged, BCJ, Windsor)
* Nebula (Afterglow, Toronto) - Techno / Electro Live PA
* Oddmyth (Deep Forest Grooves, Toronto) - Minimal Techno
* Psy-clone (R351570R, Toronto) - Warm-up / Dub
* Rare Zoo Babies (Toronto) - Psy-techno, ambient
* Randy Twigg (clutch, Toronto) - Toronto
* Raw B Rob (Rugged, BCJ, Windsor) - Windsor
* Ray Vincent (Freespace, Toronto) - Psytrance Live PA
* DJ Ruckus (NEC, 905ive, EMP,,, Windsor) - Funky
House / Turntablism
* Slipstream (EMP, WTF, Toronto) - Breaks
* Stikka (EMP, logixhouse, Windsor) - Funky House
* Synapse (afterglow, Toronto) - Breaks, Chillout
* Task aka Tom Kuo (Foundation Music, Wabi, Toronto) - Minimal Techno
* Tekno Tim (Toronto) - Techno

Visual Environments

* Kero
* PinK:Sox
* Dave Marks
* Dam
* Wunderfly

West Side Connection

Collaboration between several BC party production crus is bringing a dream
to life. We are Omward Bound, travelling in a Biodiesel schoolbus, ready
with equipment, anytime, anywhere to throw down. Showcasing our talent and
culture, our space will provide a taste of how we like to get a groove on
out West. Be it deep throbbing breaks, hoola hoopin madness, or organic
bliss treats, we will entice you! Be prepared to share in our joy of the
opportunity to OM with yall!

The Illage Village

Illage Village - Broken beats, electro bleeps, and breakbeats.
ill verb -Syn: to chill, relax, party, good-vibe
ill adj -Syn: sick, disordered, bad

We live in an age of much illness: physical, environmental, social and
cultural. The Illage Village will exist to create balance with these
negative aspects of the modern 'ill age' as an opposing force of
positivity. The Village will be loud with laughter and good-vibes, but
most of all: ill beats!!

- Jelo (,
- Robb G (,,
- Kick (,
- The Phat Conductor (,
- Lucy Lytes (Destiny,
- Scientifik
- Smiles & Chuckles
- Gunark

- Projection screen with visuals at night, movies and documentaries during
the day
- Live graff art by Montreal's Kops crew
- 802.11 wireless network - bring your laptop to share images, music,
download live sets & mp3 lectures
- Workshops: Basic Meditation Instruction by Jack Kornfield/Dalai Lama (
videos )
- Ethnobotanical plants and altered states of consciousness: a range of
legal substances on site and basic safety information for the curious
- Powered by green energy

For more information, please visit
To visit our online community, please visit

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