Re: Sound Therapy

Subject: Re: Sound Therapy
From: Shane Turner (
Date: Thu Jun 10 2004 - 10:24:40 EDT

> I understand that science has been used as the method to prove the
validity of everything around us, but science has been known to produce
positive results at one time and negative results ten years down the line.
Therefore, because scientific fact ends up proving itself wrong, it cannot
be an infallible truth. Who knows, in ten years everyone might be sitting
in sound therapy bubbles to heal the health problems that they have. I
wonder how many technical advancements were laughed at over the years just
to be proven very plausible and useful.
> Although, I guess the fact that I am not running to buy their tapes and
CD's suggests that I don't entirely believe it either. So please take my
opinion as conversation rather than me standing up for "quacks" (as someone
said earlier).

Science is just a system for testing theories or hypotheses... they are
called theories, not facts (possible exception: the Law of Gravity). If
someone has an idea, then great: now test it, observe it, and see if other
people can reproduce the experiment and its results (the scientific process,
"burden of proof"). Theories that are widely accepted, are done so just
because they are "scientific"--provable time and time again-->and therefore
work a large percentage of the time to explain whatever phenomenon they are
attempting to explain. If a theory is proven "wrong" 10 years later (which
is rare, usually just revised or corrected somehow), then great, science is
doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing. Otherwise we'd still be
bloodletting to cure smallpox, and believing that the sun goes around the
Earth, and believing that recording our voice steals our soul... and buying
snake oil!

The problem with this site is it that the only bits of "science" used on it
such as the whole Einstein thing are completely out of context. The ideas
on it are a collection of plausible ideas, but nothing really new other than
the "voice" thing (they should hear my voice at 7:00 in the morning as
compared to 6 in the afternoon... bleh). If it is legitimate, they need to
hire a coherent writer... (and they need to stop using the word "laser" to
sound "cool").

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