Re: Sound Therapy

Subject: Re: Sound Therapy
From: Jay Smalridge (
Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 11:54:55 EDT

On Wednesday, June 09, 2004, at 08:20AM, John Nowak <> wrote:

>On Jun 9, 2004, at 9:32 AM, Jay Smalridge wrote:
>> By no means do I suggest that diseases such as Cancer are all in ones
>> head, I know that it is a very real and serious disease, but the fact
>> that sounds and frequencies could help counter certain health issues
>> (even if it is just to help to keep the patient optimistic), is very
>> interesting.
>Or rather, it would be interesting, if there was -any- actual science

I understand that science has been used as the method to prove the validity of everything around us, but science has been known to produce positive results at one time and negative results ten years down the line. Therefore, because scientific fact ends up proving itself wrong, it cannot be an infallible truth. Who knows, in ten years everyone might be sitting in sound therapy bubbles to heal the health problems that they have. I wonder how many technical advancements were laughed at over the years just to be proven very plausible and useful.

Although, I guess the fact that I am not running to buy their tapes and CD's suggests that I don't entirely believe it either. So please take my opinion as conversation rather than me standing up for "quacks" (as someone said earlier).


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