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Subject: Re: Sound Therapy
From: John Nowak (
Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 11:20:27 EDT

On Jun 9, 2004, at 9:32 AM, Jay Smalridge wrote:

> Thanks for all your input,
> What interests me is the "mind over matter" idea(or mind over body).
> I have heard countless accounts that "you only get old when you think
> your old".

Being in a state of depression and resigning yourself to illness
doesn't help anything. Mind over matter does have a significance, to a
certain extent.

> By no means do I suggest that diseases such as Cancer are all in ones
> head, I know that it is a very real and serious disease, but the fact
> that sounds and frequencies could help counter certain health issues
> (even if it is just to help to keep the patient optimistic), is very
> interesting.

Or rather, it would be interesting, if there was -any- actual science

> I was recently offered a job at a clothing store who had done research
> into the effects of certain types of music on customers. They had
> come to the conclusion that people buy more depending on the type of
> music being played in the store. Now, this probably has more to do
> with if a customer can relate to the song being played or not, but
> then again, I wouldn't stay long in a store that was playing high
> frequencies all day long.

If people are in a better mood, they will buy more stuff, period.
That's really all it is. It's not some magic frequency that makes
people buy stuff. Go into a supermarket, its all smooth and easy jazz
stuff so you take it easy and don't worry about the bill, don't
strangle your kids hanging on the cart, etc. Go into a store like Hot
Topic, and its banging metal music and whatnot. It is, as you said,
what the customers can relate to, as well as the mood they want the
customer to be in.

- John

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