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Subject: Re: Sound therapy
From: Nadene (
Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 11:14:10 EDT

Just to add more to the mix

I wouldn't totally discount the role of sound and how our bodies
react/process it. A person who has ADHD or a learning disability or
some other neurological disfunction processes sound quite differently
and it can be quite taxing on these individuals. I believe sound in
fact plays a very large role in how the "normal" individual navigates
through his/her everyday dilemmas and stress.

Of course there are always the practitioners who'll do anything for a
buck, but there are also those that have done much research and can
verify their results scientifically.

For a general overview:

Another unrelated article that may be of interest

It may sound "hokey" to some, but seeing how much people with these
disabilities are affected by sound leads me to believe that perhaps
sound effects us more than we realize - and if it can effect us
negatively, than why not also positively?


> > From: John Nowak <>
>> Date: 2004/06/08 Tue PM 11:19:10 EDT
>> I would bet my
>> life (and yours) that this is crap.
>Here, here! That kind of pseudo-scientific bafflegab is,
>unfortunately, becoming more common these days. It's the modern
>equivalent of snake oil, and is often intended merely to take
>advantage of the gullible. The sad thing is, just as often the
>perpetrators believe the rubbish they spout (e.g.: homeopathy, touch
>therapy, etc.).
>Folks might want to check out sites like Quackwatch
>( or JREF ( for a more reasoned
>view of such things.
>James Bailey
>host: Electric Storm / A Missing Sense
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