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Subject: Re: a new "new music" music site
From: Katharine Norman (
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 21:29:42 EDT

hey John - I really admire your enthusiasm, but I think you're setting
yourself up for a lot (a LOT!) of work there ;-) Also there is quite a
bit of work collected already - often dotted around on pages that are
more 'net art' or 'digital art' based, or on individuals' pages (like
many people on this list have already).

You know what is always great (well, IMO only of course!) and that's
lists of sites and links, grouped under categories or whatever.
Something like this one that I was recently pottering around on, which
is more aimed at digital/cyber things, but has some music/sound based

But keeping links up to date must be a nightmare unless you build in a
bit of automation....I bet most sites start from small beginnings and
grow. Thanks for your generous thought - good luck ;-)


On Monday, June 7, 2004, at 11:07 PM, John Nowak wrote:

> (x-posted to reaktor_romp... I'm posting this here to try and gauge
> interest, or perhaps have someone whack me over the head because a
> site like this already exists)
> "Would any of you be interested in a website featuring -only- the
> latest, bleeding-edge, ground-breaking computer music? All artists who
> would be interested in joining would either mail a CD along with an
> artistic statement, or email a few links along with a statement. The
> artists would retain all rights to the music... completely
> non-exclusive, etc. All songs offered would be free and available for
> download (no streaming nonsense). Users of the site would receive a
> newsletter once a week via email introducing new artists and songs,
> along with the respective information, etc. Real personal-like. The
> site would require no signing up, no logging in, no cookie nonsense,
> etc. Just an optional subscription to the newsletter. Received
> materials would be screened to ensure that the artists definition of
> bleeding edge isn't "techno with a twist", but something actually
> attempting to do something new... something actually experimental.
> Regardless of weather the reviewers actually like it or not doesn't
> matter so much. The idea behind the site is to allow artists who are
> trying to break down walls an opportunity to share their work with a
> community. The site itself would be white, clean, and free of any sort
> of style and imagery that might take away focus from the music.
> I would also possibly be interested in allowing artists to submit
> video works, flash works, etc. I would definitely also like to get
> some articles written by the artists giving their opinions and
> viewpoints about anything and everything. I have no interest in
> running a site to keep people up to date though on the latest
> happenings... there are sites like for that. It would be
> strictly for showcasing work, be it musical, textual, or possibly
> visual (bandwidth is a bitch).
> Does anyone think there would be an interest in this sort of thing?
> Perhaps even interested in contributing music? If enough people say
> yes, I could get this site up and running in about a week."
> - John Nowak

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