Re: portable digital recorders and laptops

Subject: Re: portable digital recorders and laptops
From: Coryn Smethurst (
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 15:29:18 EDT

True jean,

but its after the converters, and I always tend to think it is better to get
rid of unwanted low rumble before it gets to this stage, plus if you wanted
to monitor the effect there would be a slight delay caused by the
processing, which is why monitoring through a DSP MS Matrix while you are
recording also doesn't appeal to me - instant slap back echo - although I
stand to be corrected if others have found DSP low pass or matrix to be


on 8/6/04 0:23, jeanr at wrote:

> Hi coryn,
> I guess you don't have the DSP unit, but you can still apply a HP
> filter from within the application ur using to record
> jean
>> the ULN-2 should hopefully dispense with
>> the separate sound card, mic pre and batteries (for both mic pre and the
>> sound card.) My initial tests seem to indicate that the recording quality
>> of the ULN-2 is good (mic pre's better than those in the Apogee mini-me),
>> but the disadvantage is no hi-pass filter (so you use the one on the mic),
>> and no limiter (but it is quiet enough to record a little lower - and the
>> meters are PPM's so I stand a good chance of avoiding overs - with a little
>> care ...)
>> crrs

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