(OT) Hear Here

Subject: (OT) Hear Here
From: Nadene (nadene@ca.inter.net)
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 21:32:34 EDT

(OT) Hear Here
Don't know if there are any of you young enough to take this course here in Toronto, but thought I'd send it out anyway.  Feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might be interested.



Hear Here
A Sound Art Workshop Series for Youth (age 15-25), Toronto
Presented by Charles Street Video, New Adventures in Sound Art
and The Power Plant
Workshop Dates: June 19, 20, 26, 27, July 3, 4 (inclusive)
Cost: $150
Registration deadline is June 11 and places are limited.

Hear Here is a new and exciting multimedia project for youth
between the ages of 15 and 25 that provides a hands-on opportunity
to learn about contemporary art, sound recording, digital editing
and new media.

Over a series of workshops, participants will use The Power Plant
exhibition Janet Cardiff: Forty-Part Motet as the model for an
on-line, site-specific sound work.  Lead by Toronto sound artist
Darren Copeland, the workshop will introduce participants to the
processes of recording everyday sounds from the environment and
creating short compositions from those recordings using computer
sound editing and processing techniques.  The soundscape of Toronto
Island will serve as a subject for the workshop.  Notions of
representation and portraiture in sound art will be explored in the
compositions made by the participants.

The compositions will form the audio component of a new media work
that will be presented every Sunday from July 25 to September 5, 2004
as part of the Sign Waves installations series at
St. Andrew-by-the-Lake Church and on-line at www.soundtravels.ca.

For registration or schedule information, contact Terence Dick,
Power Plant Head of Public Programmes, at terence@harbourfront.on.ca
or call 416-973-4931.

Power Plant Public Programmes are generously supported by CIBC Wood
Gundy in their capacity as Primary Educational Sponsor.  The Power
Plant also recognizes the support of the Canada Council for the Arts,
the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts

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