Re: portable digital recorders and laptops

Subject: Re: portable digital recorders and laptops
From: jeanr (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 19:23:14 EDT

Hi coryn,
I guess you don't have the DSP unit, but you can still apply a HP
filter from within the application ur using to record


>the ULN-2 should hopefully dispense with
>the separate sound card, mic pre and batteries (for both mic pre and the
>sound card.) My initial tests seem to indicate that the recording quality
>of the ULN-2 is good (mic pre's better than those in the Apogee mini-me),
>but the disadvantage is no hi-pass filter (so you use the one on the mic),
>and no limiter (but it is quiet enough to record a little lower - and the
>meters are PPM's so I stand a good chance of avoiding overs - with a little
>care ...)


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