Re: on Brussels (an excerpt) ... (FYI) [buildings for sound]

Subject: Re: on Brussels (an excerpt) ... (FYI) [buildings for sound]
From: Matt Rogalsky (
Date: Sun Jun 06 2004 - 19:13:52 EDT

Don't overlook the Pepsi Pavilion at World's Fair 1970 in Osaka.
The Pavilion was commissioned by PepsiCo from Experiments in Art and
Gordon Mumma designed the sound processing system. David Tudor and
others made pieces for Mumma's complex programmable console which did 8
channels of FM and AM and highpass filtering of any input sources, and
controlled switching of those channels among an array of loudspeakers.

Only a couple of months into the Fair, Pepsi wrested control of the
Pavilion back from EAT -- too controversial and noncommercial -- and
fired most of the engineers and artists.

Look for the out-of-print but easy-to-find book 'Pavilion' edited by
Billy Kluver, Julie Martin and Barabara Rose.


On 6 Jun 2004, at 02:39, Katharine Norman wrote:

> I'd second that -and, in case it's not too late on this
> buildings/sound thread - here's a wonderful page by page scan of the
> brochure (or one of them) brought out on the Pavilion at the time.
> Can't remember where the person originally requesting this info was,
> but in the UK they have another similar brochure in the British
> Library, containing a long essay on the sound design etc by one I.
> Xenakis.
> Katharine

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