Insulae Electronicae Competition (Forward)

Subject: Insulae Electronicae Competition (Forward)
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 22:57:34 EDT

Dear Canadian Electroacoustic Community et al

The Associazione Culturale Quadrifonica, in Milan, announces the second
edition of INSULAE ELECTRONICAE ? international competition of
electroacoustic music dedicated to young composers (see the attached
leaflet for details).

In this way, the Association means to promote the diffusion of
electroacoustic music and to stimulate young authors to realize new
compositions and to outline the concept and the aesthetics of their
own creative work.

I hope you will enjoy our proposal.
Thank you very much for your consideration.
Gianluca Vergani.(artistic coordinator)

Associazione culturale Quadrifonica
Via F. Juvara 11
20129 Milano

The announcement couldn't be attached but may be available on their web site.

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