RE: Noise Article

Subject: RE: Noise Article
From: Michael Rempel (Michael@VIDIR.COM)
Date: Mon May 31 2004 - 14:58:47 EDT

> We all know sociologists aren't real scientists anyway...
Using the phrase "we all know", and complaining about sociologists in the
same breath.... NOW THAT IS FUNNY!!!

Sociology continues to be the art / science of transforming social self
delusion into reflexive collective self understanding. The great burden of
Sociological discovery is that it is very quickly taken as common wisdom.
Sociologists don't work to disseminate their findings, there are too many
know it all's who are all too eager to do it for them. On many occasions
real Sociologists have to fight for attention with said idiots just to get
recognized for their work.

David Behm does not really look like one of these. He is a faculty member of
the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation, the university equivalent of a
physed teacher. While he works a lot on noise issues, his training is
neither psychological, nor sociological. I don't discredit David for his
work, it is the newspaper article I am upset with.

Sociologists are not even involved in the studies the article uses. They are
Environmental psychologists. Which is to say the 'scientists' do pretty much
the same stuff Pavlov did with dogs, only outside with people.

Bad reporters always seem to try to find someone willing to call themselves
a sociologist to say dumb stuff they want said for pseudo scientific
blather. If they cant find what they want they just grab at anyone remotely
connected to the point they are trying to make, and tell the world they are

If you think I am on a little rant you are right. But consider this: I was
once-upon-a-time a university press photographer under the editorship of
Andrew Coyne, now of the National Post... Believe it or not Coyne has
mellowed a lot! Now that is a scary thought.

Michael Rempel
BA Sociology,
BSc Computer Science,
Computer Systems Architect,
Found Sound Music Maker,
Hacker in the Brain Domain

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