Re: Compositions / Sound Designs and entranceways

Subject: Re: Compositions / Sound Designs and entranceways
From: Kenneth Newby (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 14:24:31 EDT

Alvin Lucier's I Am Sitting in a Room is perhaps a canonical work. You
should also check with Matthew Rogalsky (who's on this list) about his
work with impulse response processed audio in his Elveden hall


On 27-May-04, at 2:23 AM, Derek Thompson wrote:

> All, (with apologies for cross-postings)
> As part of a Master's research, I'm looking for existing works -
> either
> historical or recent (current?) - that explicitly explore architectural
> space, especially transitional space (i.e. foyers / stairwells /
> entranceways / atriums...).
> I'm wanting to identify and document significant sound designs,
> compositions or installations that have exploited, expressed, or
> transformed space normally passed through with little regard for the
> acoustic or sonic properties.
> Alongside this I am recording, documenting and analysing a number of
> public spaces with the aim to return to a select few with spatially
> diffuse sound designs that integrate (or intentionally intervene) with
> the visual and physical architecural environment.
> Any thoughts - or suggestions of works - welcome!
> Please feel free to mail me off-list if you wish, and I will collate
> responses for a single posting.
> Many thanks,
> Derek
> SIAL Sound Studios
Kenneth Newby, Assistant Professor
Computational Poetics
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Simon Fraser University

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