Compositions / Sound Designs and entranceways

Subject: Compositions / Sound Designs and entranceways
From: Derek Thompson (
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 05:23:33 EDT

All, (with apologies for cross-postings)

As part of a Master's research, I'm looking for existing works - either
historical or recent (current?) - that explicitly explore architectural
space, especially transitional space (i.e. foyers / stairwells /
entranceways / atriums...).

I'm wanting to identify and document significant sound designs,
compositions or installations that have exploited, expressed, or
transformed space normally passed through with little regard for the
acoustic or sonic properties.

Alongside this I am recording, documenting and analysing a number of
public spaces with the aim to return to a select few with spatially
diffuse sound designs that integrate (or intentionally intervene) with
the visual and physical architecural environment.

Any thoughts - or suggestions of works - welcome!
Please feel free to mail me off-list if you wish, and I will collate
responses for a single posting.

Many thanks,

SIAL Sound Studios

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