Fwd: Fee waivers and awards for post-grads

Subject: Fwd: Fee waivers and awards for post-grads
From: Adrian Moore (a.j.moore@sheffield.ac.uk)
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 08:55:14 EDT

The University of Sheffield Sound Studios is still searching for
PT/FT MPhil/Phd and
Masters students in electroacoustic composition.

You may apply at any time but if you wish to be considered for our fee waiver
scheme, time is running out. The fee waiver scheme is competitive.

For more information on the studios please see

>We have up to 10 University fee waivers.
>We have three incentive awards. These are for candidates who submitted an
>AHRB application but who were not awarded a scholarship. These are rather
>more generous allowances including a fee waiver, and of course the potential
>candidates for this category will be fewer.

Adrian Moore.

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