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Subject: Re: Virtual Concerto
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 23:36:31 EDT

At 11:04 PM -0400 5/20/04, Eliot Handelman wrote:
>Kevin Austin wrote:
>>This is the opposite of the proposition made. Response to cultural
>>stimulus is learned. I meet many people who think that tonality is
>I don't think it is 'natural', but its immense popularity,
>historically, culturally, pop-culturally, film-musically,
>elevator-musically etc., suggests that its structure reflects
>dispositions that are enormously widespread. Not everything else is
>equally learnable.

I think partly of more than 2,500,000,000 people currently living in
Asia who may feel differently, and the hundreds of millions who lived
before 1600 CE who never experienced 'tonality'. For a sense of
oriental adoption (sic) of tonality, might I suggest half an hour
with the Twelve Girls Band.

Try tracks 13 and 15 for starters.

... and then there is Bollywood

We may find that western european musical influence will wane rapidly
in the next 50 years as the east adopts and adapts western idioms.

>For instance, Beckett makes direct sense if you've ever encountered the
>kind of bleak reality he describes, in which nothing is ever really
>learned anyway. Some people might confuse this with high culture.

Waiting for Godot is a play in which nothing happens. Twice.



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