RE: Virtual Concerto

Subject: RE: Virtual Concerto
From: Michael Rempel (Michael@VIDIR.COM)
Date: Thu May 20 2004 - 10:59:53 EDT

> To be honest, I try as a composer to find back my naive hearing...
> without playing the Cage wild-card of 'composer doesn't care'.

Ah! Satisfaction!!! The Cage wild-card is an impossibility in the absolute
sense, unless silence is a composition. If it is, then it is trivial. (my
cultural and/or personal perspective, not an argument)

Intentional care of composer (explicit or implicit) eliciting potential
and/or real care of listener with internally varying degrees of
intensity/articulation/organization for each.

Of course we have implied time as a component. Organization implies
repeatability at least cognitively. Musicians playing a composition are both
listeners and on some level composers.

The search for Naivety is intriguing.

Is it in the sense of unlearning, or of remembering/learning how to hear
again, but synergistically with present knowledge incorporated?

I wonder if we don't normally say the former, but wind up content with the
latter after much effort.

Or perhaps we should elicit the aid of experts in naivety and rely on young
children to do the hearing. But then care
intensity/articulation/organization becomes problematic.


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