New exhibition of sound sculptures and installations

Subject: New exhibition of sound sculptures and installations
From: lawrence casserley (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 17:24:34 EDT

A new exhibition of sound sculptures and installations has just opened
at the Sheffield Millenium Galleries, in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK.

"Amazing Sound Machines" will be open every day until 15 August.

The Show includes work by Johannes Bergmark, Lawrence Casserley, Hugh
Davies, Simon Desorgher, Max Eastley, Peter Jones, Dan Knight, Helmut
Lemke, Kaffe Matthews, Martin Mayes, Will Menter and Matt Rogalsky.

This exhibition has been organised by the Nettlefold Festival Trust,
creators of the Colourscape Music Festivals.

Further details from:

This exhibition includes "Chromatic Harmony 6" by Peter Jones and
Lawrence Casserley, an interactive sound/light installation controlled
by a max/msp/jitter program with the following interfaces:

- Formac Studio DV Bridge inputting data from video camera to detect
movement in the space
- Teleo System interface inputting data from PIR detectors (ditto)
- Motu 1024 interface for audio I/O - the inputs pick up sounds from a
network of piano strings, which can be
   activated by the public - the sounds are processed and output to the
space, and they also trigger lighting
- lanbox DMX controller running lights and fans
- video projector outputting live colour fields generated by a jitter

Go and enjoy!



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