RE: Virtual Concerto

Subject: RE: Virtual Concerto
From: Michael Rempel (Michael@VIDIR.COM)
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 14:57:36 EDT

> Have you heard any music that doesn't have a sense of human agency?
> If so, what is it that makes it sound so "non-human-agent"?

I messed with this one for a bit. I stretched the point to see where it
would go.

My best answer to that question would be the music of the Northern Lights.

I have experienced them while in the far north, and can testify that they
are psychologically very musical, often 'composing' completely original
masterworks one after another.

But then is it music if it is not heard, or can not be heard? If it is heard
does that mere fact not imply human agency?

Another question... is a message or some kind of intent essential to music?
Does it have to 'go some where' or 'do something' identifiable to be music?
We have talked about self-referential integrity as a requirement. How far
can you stretch the point?

To flip that particular coin, what is the new music definition of noise (non
musical stuff)?


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