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Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 18:40:16 EDT

Maybe as a 'follow up': to place the 'Postmodern Music, Postmodern
Thought' 'postmodernism' onto both a larger canvas and also begin to
understand the North American postmodernisn model that lodged
itself,somewhat,into the University system here,I'd like to suggest
two books that were not written by Adorno (ho-hum) ;-):

One is written by the music critic,'radical philosopher' and author
Ben Watson. Besides talking about Zappa (elsewhere) he has written
'Art Class and Cleavage' which,for U.S. ppl is available through an
independent publisher called 'Interlink Publishing Group' This book on aesthetics, which debates
politics,Brian Eno and of course 'The 'Popsicle' Academy' (academics
such as Simon Frith,Georgina Born et al) among many,many,many,many
other subjects is well worth the effort both to find and read.
Impressive. (If you'd prefer the 'novel' version try 'Sh*tkicks and

My second suggestion used to have Brian Eno touting him as an
important philosopher: Richard Rorty; dunno if he'd still attest to
that. Someone should ask him. As you'd expect lots of talk of the old
left,the 'new deal' and
of the intellectual 'ironist'. He actually has a few misgivings about
the political use of 'irony' though. He thinks this 'redescription'
may be "irrelevant to public life".
Rorty is the man who speaks of the model of the public/private spilt
or the 'pomo silent treatment' as I like to call it.

If you want a critique of Rorty try Terry Eagleton's 'The Illusions of
Postmodernism' or, of course,'After Theory'. There's a very telling
little book of interviews called: 'Against Bosses,Against
Oligarchies' by Rorty,Nystrom,and Puckett ; here he also talks of his
ideas on patriotism.


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>I happen to be reading a book that deals with much of that, it's a collection
>of essays titled "Postmodern Music, Postmodern Thought" edited by Lochhead &
>Auner. I've read a few of the articles so far but that's a central theme
>throughout, there's one article in particular where the author meticulously
>traces influences of Gorecki's 3rd Symphony through artists like Test Dept.
>Goldie, Lamb, Pale Saints, Faust, Tricky...and though she deals mostly with
>issues of gender, there's some articles by Susan McLary where she traces the
>influence of "art" music in the themes of specific contemporary artists like
>Madonna. hope this helps.
> and ever...
> - chris
>> Anyone know of any articles or books that deal with musical style and the
>> relationship of "pop music" to "art music". (perhaps an artificial
>> distinction
>> which needs redefining)
>> I'm interested in pre 20th century music. Did musical style
>>changes in art
>> music find their way pop music?.. - chromaticism in beerhall tunes for
>> example. Any examples of pop culture finding their way into art music? I
>> suppose use of folk tunes is one of them.
>> How did they interact on one another when the style differences weren't as
> > great as they are today?
> >
> > thanks
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