art collaboration project on Internet 2

Subject: art collaboration project on Internet 2
From: Ricardo Dal Farra (
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 08:23:42 EDT

This Monday, May 17, will be presented a choreography coordinating
dancers in real-time between Chile and the US with my electroacoustic
piece "Mel18" using Internet 2.

The event will be part of the opening of the "IV International
Meeting of Science, Culture and Education about the World Network of
Research and Development" to be held in Santiago, Chile.

To see and listen this opening that will be held on May 17 from 20:00
to 21:00hs Chilean time follow this link:

(to check time zone differences see:

This performance is part of the "Colaborarte" international
collaboration project coordinated by Margarita Schultz from the
University of Chile, and will be presented by Alvaro Cruz from the
Dance Dept. of the same university and James Oliverio from Digital
Worlds, University of Florida, United States.

"Mel18" is a work for virtual piano and computer. It is composed by a
group of several short pieces realized through the interactive
control of their characteristic elements (pitch register of each
piece, rhythmic-melodic flow, tempo, spatial modulation, and even the
stability or instability of these parameters), both at the micro and
macro level, by the interplay between the computer system and the
human performer.

Ricardo Dal Farra

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