Deep Wireless May 2004 updates

Subject: Deep Wireless May 2004 updates
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Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 22:29:18 EDT

Updates on the current Deep Wireless Radio Art festival in Toronto, Canada

New Adventures in Sound Art has just produced a new compilation CD
for radio play called "Deep Wireless 1" consisting of works collected
in a call for submissions - Radio Without Boundaries - What is your
culture? Many radio stations across Canada are including pieces from
the CDs in their radio shows to help showcase radio art this month as
well as Resonance-FM in the UK - go to for more info and to listen to
some of the pieces on-line.

CBC Radio 1 99.1-FM will be airing the 2004 Deep Wireless commissions
May 20, 24,25, & 27 @ 11:45 am - commissioned artists: Richard
Windeyer, Marian van der Zon, sylvi macCormac, and Marilyn Lerner.

Pamela Z performs May 28 10 pm - voice and electronics
sound sculptor, sonic explorer, and aural architect
(co-presented with Subtle Technologies)

Gregory Whitehead performs May 29 10 pm - live radio art pieces
Keynote speaker for Radio Without Boundaries conference
Recent recipient of the BBC Drama Award - Gold - for The Loneliest
Road, as well as the recipient of the Prix Italia (Pressures of the
Unspeakable), and the Prix Future/BBC Award for New Hörspiel (³Shake,
Rattle, Roll²)

Saying it with Sound workshop May 31 - only a few spots left. 
Registration for the Radio Without Boundaries conference deadline May 25th
Ask about student and community radio rates.


Latvian House, 491 College Street
May 28 & 29 - each night a double bill
$10 advance / $15 at the door
Ticket price includes both early and late night performances or 416-910-7231

Radio Theatre 1 May 28 & Radio Theatre 2 May 29 @ 8 PM.
Re-creating the live radio of 50 years ago with a present-day twist.

Added 1 pm matinee performance May 28th with speakers Hildegard
Westerkamp, Victoria Fenner, Michelle Nagai, and Mark Laliberte.

Two different evening performances, complete with live music and
sound effects, that bring back the spontaneity of live radio and
respond to current events with performances by Chris Brookes,
Marjorie Chan, Nilan Perera, Susanna Hood, and Evalyn Parry,
alongside a work by Hildegard Westerkamp, and spatialized versions of
newly commissioned radio works by Marilyn Lerner, Richard Windeyer,
Sylvi MacCormac, and Marian van der Zon. Directed by Darren Copeland
and Lynda Hill, "Radio Theatre" promises to keep you on the edge of
your seat with all the conventions of radio (past and present) turned
upside-down. Radio Theatre is funded in part by the Laidlaw

Late Night Solos
May 28th @ 10 pm - Pamela Z (co-presented by Subtle Technologies)
May 29th @ 10 pm - Gregory Whitehead

Pamela Z, a San Francisco-based composer/performer and audio artist,
uses her well-honed classical voice, processors, and samples
activated by the BodySynth, an instrument that allows her to trigger
sound with physical gestures by means of electrodes taped to her
body. "She is a sound sculptor, a sonic explorer, an aural
architect...she seems to pull sounds out of thin air with her, tai
chi-like vocabulary of hand and arm movements, building musical
collages that play with language, or that simply explore the shape of
sound." (Andrew Gilbert: Special to the Mercury News).

Gregory Whitehead will be performing an assortment of live radio art
pieces including a live-to-air docu-drama about how Prescott Bush
stole the skull of the apache leader Geronimo in "Toyu Theater"
style. Drawing on his background in experimental theater and
improvised music, Whitehead has developed a production style
distinguished by its playfully provocative blend of text, concept,
voice, music and pure sound. He is the recipient of many major
electronic arts fellowships and awards including the Prix Italia
(Pressures of the Unspeakable), the Prix Future/BBC Award for New
Hörspiel (³Shake, Rattle, Roll²), and a Special Commendation at the
1995 Prix Futura.

Radio Without Boundaries
A conference about Radio and Sound Art
May 28-30, 2004
Latvian house, 491 College Street, Toronto
Registration: $150/$130/$65 (see web-site for details)

Registration price also includes admission to all Deep Wireless
performances and events and lunch on both May 29th & 30th.

The Deep Wireless "Radio Without Boundaries" conference will explore
the many potentials and boundaries of radio and sound art and
includes an international roster of radio producers and artists.

Sessions include "Ears that Compose - Compositions that Listen" by
Hildegard Westerkamp, "Fogbound: radio utopia in time of war" by
Gregory Whitehead, "Is there a Sonic Media Art?" by Sabine
Breitsameter, Resonance-FM - a radical alternative to the universal
formulae of mainstream broadcasting by Tom Wallace as well as
panels that include Janet Russell and David Kattenburg "Ecology on
the Radio," Michelle Nagai and Michael Waterman "Alternative Models
for creating works for radio," and Janna Graham, Tim May, and Tom
Wallace (Resonance-FM, UK) "How to get radio art on the air (and keep
it there)." There will be an added "Saying it with Sound" workshop
on May 31st for a limited number of conference registrants.
     "Radio Without Boundaries" is produced by New Adventures in Sound
Art and sponsored by the Canadian Society for Independent Radio
Production with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Travel
assistance has been provided by The Goethe Institute and the British


Radio Art Listening Room & Threetimesfalling
May 28-30, 2004
noon-10 pm @ Latvian House

The Radio Art Listening Room is an intimate listening space to tune
in to international radio art. This installation will include German
works curated by German media artist Sabine Breitsameter (co-produced
with the Goethe Institute) along with various works submitted by
Resonance FM in the UK and Canadian works collected in New Adventures
in Sound Art's "Radio Without Boundaries" call for submissions.
"Threetimesfalling" by Mark Laliberte is a work about deceptive
listening, narrative decay, the overbearing weight of gravity on
physical & emotional states, containment & leakage, junk culture and
technological destruction. It is a work designed to capture, dissect
and manipulate a single sonic radio event, sculpting new degraded
realities from an original source.

May 26, 27, 30, 2004
Various Toronto locations TBA
Admission FREE

By letting in familiar sounds and actively seeking out what we have
not heard before, we might discover something completely unexpected!
During this year's SOUNDwalks we'll concentrate on opening our ears
to the Toronto cityscape. What might we hear? Changes in acoustic
space as we move from one place to the next; Voices speaking in many
different languages; Tiny sounds, loud sounds, very far away sounds?
Different spaces, different soundscapes. Led by Hildegard Westerkamp,
Victoria Fenner, and Michelle Nagai.

For info go to, or e-mail

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