Fwd: Murmurs: A Conference on Sound and Art

Subject: Fwd: Murmurs: A Conference on Sound and Art
From: Yves Gigon (ygigon@videotron.ca)
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 21:40:55 EDT

>MAY 22, 2004, 1 - 6pm
>Presented by SculptureCenter, Diapason Gallery, and Art in General
>NEW YORK - SculptureCenter and Art in General, in conjunction with
>Diapason Gallery, New York's only sound-art gallery, present a
>conference on Saturday, May 22 that asks artists, curators, and
>critics to consider sound as a material, as an experience, and as a
>subject within the context of multi-disciplinary contemporary art.
>Treble, an exhibition opening at SculptureCenter on May 16, and
>Rock's Role: After Ryoanji at Art in General both present sound as
>an integral part of contemporary art practice. Taking these
>exhibitions as its starting point, the conference aims to provide a
>platform and an open forum for the music and art communities to
>share histories and languages, and to develop a discourse that
>places sound art in dialogue with broader concerns in contemporary
>artistic experimentation.
>The first of three moderated roundtable discussions focuses on new
>technologies and their implications on the practices of artists and
>institutions, with regards to sound. The second panel consists of
>an artist roundtable, while the last discussion explores the ways
>sound informs a "post-media" art history.
>Conference Schedule:
>Introduction by SculptureCenter Program Director Anthony Huberman (1-1:15pm)
>Panel 1: "Sound: New Technologies" (1:15-2:30pm)
>This panel, moderated by sound artist James Fei, explores
>interactivity, spatialization, generative processes, web-based
>technologies, and the many implications they have in the practices
>of artists and institutions, as well as practical issues including
>engineering, manufacturing and production costs. Participants will
>discuss how new technologies form an important component of the
>evolving language of artists working with sound and how
>technological innovations in exhibition design allow sound works to
>interact, bleed into each other, and intersect in new ways.
>Panelists include: sound artists/programmers Luke Dubois and Paul
>Geluso, Director of EMPAC at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and
>ex-ZKM Music Director Johannes Goebel, and Harvestworks Director
>Carol Parkinson.
>Panel 2: "Sound: An Artist Roundtable" (2:45-4pm)
>This discussion, moderated by Wesleyan Professor and Rock's Role
>curator Ron Kuivila, includes artists participating in exhibitions
>at Art in General and Diapason Gallery, and reveals the many methods
>that artists employ to create and disseminate their works. Various
>approaches to form and content, including field recordings, computer
>generated algorithmic works, or conceptual pieces will be examined.
>Issues of presentation and distribution will also be discussed. The
>roundtable includes Rock's Role artist and Bard College professor
>Brenda Hutchinson, Diapason founder and Rock's Role artist Michael
>J. Schumacher, and Diapason exhibiting artist Amnon Wolman.
>Panel 3: "Sound: Leaking Between Disciplines" (4:15-5:30pm)
>Moderated by Artforum contributing writer and Hampshire College
>philosophy professor Christoph Cox, this panel features curators and
>critics who propose solutions for sound to exist beyond media as
>they discuss how sound can "leak" across disciplines, practices, and
>histories. A point of discussion will include SculptureCenter's
>exhibition Treble, which presents sound as a conceptual choice and
>an aesthetic experience for artists rather than a medium-specific
>category that is independent from visual art. This roundtable
>includes Treble curator Regine Basha, Whitney Museum Associate
>Curator of Contemporary Art and 2004 Biennial co-curator Debra
>Singer, and Treble exhibiting artists Emmanuel Madan and Jude
>A reception will follow the event (6-7pm)
>About SculptureCenter
>SculptureCenter, an active contributor to New York's cultural
>community since 1928, is a non-profit organization that identifies
>the innovative approaches that define contemporary sculpture.
>SculptureCenter's programs explore the conceptual, aesthetic, and
>material concerns of contemporary sculpture, and encourage
>independent vision through solo exhibitions of mid-career and
>established artists. These programs include exhibitions, artist
>residencies, public art projects, publications, lectures and other
>public events intended to further the historical documentation and
>critical dialogue around contemporary art and sculpture in
>particular. In 2001, SculptureCenter purchased a former trolley
>repair shop in Long Island City, Queens. This newly renovated
>facility, designed by artist and designer Maya Lin, includes 8,000
>square feet of interior exhibition space, offices, and outdoor
>exhibition space.
>A complete schedule of Treble performances, radio programs, and
>other special events is available at www.sculpture-center.org.
>For more information, please contact Michele Snyder at 718 361 1750
>or msnyder@sculpture-center.org.
>Since April, 2001, Diapason gallery for sound and intermedia has
>presented a varied program featuring performances and installations
>by Tim Barnes, Junghee Choi, Daniel Conrad, Charles Curtis, Neil
>Feather, Dave Gearey, Tom Hamilton, John Hudak, Drew Krause, Ben
>Manley, Thomas C. Moore, Ian Nagoski, Katherine Liberovskaya and
>Phill Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, Matthew Rogalsky, Janek Schaefer,
>Ursula Scherrer, Bruce Tovsky, Stephen Vitiello, La Monte Young and
>Marian Zazeela, and others. Founded by Michael J. Schumacher and Liz
>Gerring, it continues the tradition of Studio Five Beekman, offering
>audiences New York's first venue devoted to sound art.
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