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Subject: Re: Virtual Concerto
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 19:16:56 EDT

Dear sir,

This afternoon I'd just been sitting around, waiting for students to hand in their semester projects, when I found your email. The name Henning Berg resounded (see below)...

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> Henning Berg and Peter Beyls have
> created their own software.

don't know about Beyls. For a brief time Berg was a student of mine in Cologne. On his request we went through rennaisance counterpoint (Jeppesen) because he had speculated that the 500-year-old "rules" might be relevant to his projected interactive "program" called "Tango". As I told him then, this was sort of like trying to insert a mercedes engine into a stagecoach.

It kept reminding me of my landlady in Cologne who kept telling me about her postwar experiences in Berlin. The Russian soldiers occuppied her house, sawed off and pulled pipes out of the wall in the expectation that they could insert them into other places in the wall and thus tap into water, electricity, etc.

Nothing much came of the year or so I worked with Henning other than the certain knowledge that YOU CAN'T TEACH JAZZ MUSICIANS NEW MUSIC!

for whatever it's worth, again it's yr,


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