Re: Virtual Concerto

Subject: Re: Virtual Concerto
From: Eliot Handelman (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 18:00:29 EDT

My thanks to Richard Z. for asking GL directly. I had some thoughts
about his comments,
but perhaps I'll comment later. At any rate a little light is shed.

Matt J. Ingalls wrote:

>related to this topic i thought i would share
>something some of you might enjoy --

Any chance of a linux/win32 distro? My lab is a little short on
macintosh power. Otherwise
an explanatory paper or something? I'd like to make a whole show about
auto-improvisors. Perhaps
even a little documentary? The list now is not terribly long: Besides
Matt and George, there's
also Clarence, Brad, and I think Doug. There should be many more?
There's also me of course
but I've been locked into representational decomposition for a long time.

As to other matters, I wound up playing one of Matt's pieces on my show
this week --
 the "scherzo." Also, from this group, I played Li Chuang Chong's piece
up on pep
from one of the competitions, for which I didn't
have a title, and couldn't find the link a second time, so I referred to
it as #26. I had a call in for
that one from someone who wanted to know how to spell the composer's
name. I personally
found both pieces very engaging.

-- eliot

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