Re: portable digital recorders and laptops

Subject: Re: portable digital recorders and laptops
From: Coryn Smethurst (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 16:49:58 EDT

Treetops might be a bit too much, but I have recorded on several beaches,
under viaducts, birds in woodland and in the open, traffic and in the wild
welsh countryside with my powerbook, the only problem I've had was with the
sun on the screen (hence the sunshade) and weight (esp. sinking into mud
whilst trying to record bubbling noises on a Welsh beach due to the weight
of the gear I was using - I had to beat a hasty retreat as my wellies were
getting sucked down...)

I have the laptop box arranged so the laptop sticks out on a platform at 90
degrees to my body in front of me - not unlike the arrangement the ice cream
vendors at the cinema etc. with the mic pre-amp parallel to and resting on
my body so I can control levels ... the ULN-2 should hopefully dispense with
the separate sound card, mic pre and batteries (for both mic pre and the
sound card.) My initial tests seem to indicate that the recording quality
of the ULN-2 is good (mic pre's better than those in the Apogee mini-me),
but the disadvantage is no hi-pass filter (so you use the one on the mic),
and no limiter (but it is quiet enough to record a little lower - and the
meters are PPM's so I stand a good chance of avoiding overs - with a little
care ...)


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