RE: Re: portable digital recorders

Subject: RE: Re: portable digital recorders
From: Michael Rempel (Michael@VIDIR.COM)
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 14:14:31 EDT

my 2 cents. I use the M-Audio mobile pre with my laptop.

It is quite good for a 16 bit. It has a lower noise sound floor than some
so-called 24/96 recorders.

For someone who is incredibly cheap like me, and wants good sound it is hard
to beat.

I don't object to the size, it fits in my laptop case.

It uses USB power, so it only needs 1 chord.

Uses any 2 XLR mics, even has phantom power and a headphone jack.

I have found that it has none of the usual problems associated with USB
sound modules like digital dropout, or sound glitches. It must have a decent
buffer. Latency is settable, I use it on medium, and it is fine running full

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From: Sune T. B. Nielsen []
Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2004 12:51 PM
Subject: Sv: Re: portable digital recorders

I have been considering this one, but I have no expirience with it.

Looks very nice for the money; 24/96 portable.

> Fra: jascha <>
> Dato: 2004/05/13 Thu PM 07:23:41 CEST
> Til:
> Emne: Re: portable digital recorders
> >
> >So: if you're not interested in using a preamp or other hardware
> >volume control, you may have to choose between compressed files
> >(MiniDisc) and uncompressed files but no adjustable volume during
> >recording (iRiver or Nomad).
> Hm. The devices with no adjustable volume work using limiters, then?
> I can only assume that this sounds pretty strange when used to record
> sounds with a wide dynamic range. Does anyone have any first-hand
> accounts of unhappy recording experiences with these things?
> thanks,
> j

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